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Your church is unique. We would be very happy to be able to encourage people to visit it.

All you need to do is complete our online form. We will check and publish your page within two weeks (probably a lot sooner). If you have any problems please email us.

There are hints and tips for each question, including word limits on the main sections of descriptive text, to help you make your page engaging and attract more visitors to your church and events and to help them learn about your heritage and stories. We recommend you prepare your content offline and then copy and paste it into the form.



Download the form questions here. You can use this to prepare your answers and then cut and paste them into the online form.

Covid19 : reopening churches for visitors

Churches and chapels across the UK are, or are preparing to, reopen gradually as restrictions ease.
We have created a detailed page on the National Churches Trust website. It contains links to all current advice and support, and is updated weekly. We have duplicated the essential tourism information here.

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Add a link

Please add a link to your new ExploreChurches page from your existing website or social media, this will help your google rankings as well as our.


Promote your page

Please help us to promote your page on social media using the hashtag #explorechurches


Send us more

Please click here to email us with more images, video or leaflets / guidebooks for download.


Add events

Add one off events at your church as and when you organise them, click here to add your events.


Use our images and films

Our projects and partnerships are helping to build a library of stunning images and films that you can use to help us promote them, our activities and your tours.


Request a publicity pack

We can send you a pack with posters and postcards to promote ExploreChurches and your entry. Click here to send us an email.

Create an Experience

Whether they are having a day out, on holiday or coming from further afield, today's visitors and tourists want something really special. We looking forward to working with you to help create memorable Experiences for visitors to take home, remember and share with friends and family.

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Tell your story


Taking great photos

A picture is worth a thousand words.
Watch our four short training films to help you take and edit amazing photographs of your church.


Create great videos

If a picture speaks 1000 words, imagine what a video is worth.
Watch our four short training films to help you take and edit brilliant short films of your church.


Trails of Discovery

Find out about working with The Arts Society to develop a trail of discovery.
Free to you, they will work with your volunteers to develop children's, memory and / or town trails.

Online advice & training

We offer some great training sessions.
We also work with partners who offer training, advice and support.
Here we will try and list as many as we can that have online sessions and videos.

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Help from us


Explore our links

We work with a wide range of organisations to promote churches. Discover what they are up to and how they can help you.

Can you help us?

With over 40,000 Christian places of worship in the UK, we will always have more to add, and more information to enhance individual church listings. Visitors are interested in churches for a wide variety of reasons and we are keen to further develop ExploreChurches to meet all their needs. We really need your help.

We would love to include all churches, chapels and meeting houses that are open for visitors (even if this is only during specific hours) and believe that each and every one has a story to tell.


If you are from an organisation that owns, looks after or works with churches

We are not trying to replace the visitor and tourism information you may have on your own website. We are trying to increase the number of visitors to churches (and the income from visitors for churches) and evidence shows that having information in one place benefits both visitors and churches.

We would love to work with you and your organisation to encourage the churches you work with to be listed on ExploreChurches. Ideally we will work together, to a mutually agreeable deadline, to get a batch of churches online. Then, when they all go live together, we will promote them via regional publicity and social media.

There are several ways we could do this. If you would like to talk about batch uploading your churches please email us at


If you have an idea for a themed list, trail, event or experience

Our themed lists are a unique way of promoting churches. They reach out to visitors based on what they are passionate about. That might be sculpture, cream teas, family history, art, walking, history, wildlife or climbing to name a few. You can do and see all of these things in a church. If you have a suggestion for a list please email us.

Our trails include walks, cycle rides and scenic drives. They could be long or short in duration. They could be nationally recognised or created locally. Churches could be the main focus or simply visit them as part of the trail. If you know of a trail we should include, or would like to prepare one from scratch, please email us at


If you would like to know how ExploreChurches is doing, the projects we are involved with and our future plans

How many churches do we have listed, and how many visitors do we get? What ideas are being considered for future development and where have they come from. Find the answers to these and many more questions about ExploreChurches on our projects page.

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