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Churches, chapels and meeting houses are 'treasure houses' of heritage, history and community. They may contain ancient carvings both in stone and timber, traces of wall paintings, green men, wonderful roof bosses, gargoyles and dripstone heads, tombs and monuments, stained glass and more. Very few ancient sites are built in the style of one architectural period, and their history can be traced through the jigsaw of architectural styles. Churchyards are a veritable ‘who's who' of the area. In addition, they are also keepers of traditions and rites that have been practised for generations.

Churches show the evolution of British culture, local heritage, family history and tales of human events and achievements, embellished with architecture, art and craftsmanship.

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Discover our regions


Lovely Lincolnshire

Visit Lincolnshire to experience a rich heritage hidden in over 700 churches - its rural villages and market towns all have a story to tell.


Happy Horncastle

Churches nestling in picturesque villages, hidden hamlets and bustling market towns hide secrets of the area’s history and heritage.


Captivating Cumbria

Cumbria has a history of invasion and settlement; the Romans, Anglo Saxons, Vikings, Normans and Border Rievers have each left their story in it's church buildings.


Delightful Devon

In all corners of Devon, not only will you find quaint villages and exquisite cream teas, you’ll also find tremendous examples of history.


Cool Cornwall

Cornwall’s churches are rarely simple buildings nestling into the landscape, they are assertive structures with heaven thrusting spires or towers.


Noble Northamptonshire

Known as the county of Spires and Squires for centuries, Northamptonshire is crammed with magnificent churches and great country houses.


Noteworthy Nottinghamshire

Noted for its myths and legends, Nottinghamshire's past is woven around its abundance of magnificent medieval churches.

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Mayflower 400 Memories

2020 is the 400th anniversary of the departure of the Mayflower from the UK to the 'New World', discover the wonder of the Mayflower's sacred heritage.

How to read a church


Step into history

All churches, chapels and meeting houses have gone through stages of building and development over time. Discover how to spot these architectural details, and step back in time with us to see how a typical parish church might have looked at various points in its life.


Spotters guide

Churches are literally 'treasure houses' of history. Learn what to look for, discover the meaning behind objects and architectural features and uncover their historical significance.

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