Scenic Somerset

Discover the wonder of Somerset's sacred heritage.

Think of Somerset churches and Wells Cathedral, Bath or Glastonbury Abbeys are probably top of your list. But off the beaten track is a delicious chocolate box of villages, all with amazing churches to visit and in which to discover the county's rich and sacred heritage.

Somerset is famous for its tall, square towers, built in three distinct stages and adorned with buttresses and statues. But, don't miss the the local speciality; carved figures known as hunky punks! 

Let us inspire you to visit, whether for a weekend break or a longer holiday. Start your journey of discovery.

Every church has a story to tell.

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Scenic Somerset


Wells Cathedral

Perhaps the most beautiful of the great English cathedrals, it was erected between the 12th and 15th centuries and is a significant Somerset landmark.


St John the Baptist, Axbridge

A long flight of steps leading up from the town square gives great presence to this distinguished looking limestone building whose walls are topped with a parapet of intricately pierced stonework.


St Mary, Stoke sub Hamdon

There are two doors into the nave; the main one has over it a Norman tympanum with carvings that include birds in a tree, the Lamb of God, and a centaur firing a bow at a lion.


St Beuno, Culbone

With its unusual dedication, to a 6th century saint from north Wales, this is often considered to be the smallest church in England, set in a secluded wooded combe.


St Andrew, Mells

A walk through the village to the church is one of the prettiest in Somerset, up a medieval street and historic buildings around the churchyard.


Glastonbury Abbey

Glastonbury Abbey is connected with legend to a degree that is unparalleled by any other abbey in England, as the earliest Christian foundation in Britain linked to Joseph of Arimathea and the burial place of King Arthur.


Bath Abbey

The first King of all England, King Edgar was crowned on this site in 973, its west front is incredible, with unique ladders of angels.

St Christopher, Lympsham

The singing gallery houses an old clock frame, believed to house one of the oldest remaining clocks in England.

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