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Don't go to pieces

Take time out to challenge your brain with our jigsaws.

There will be a new puzzles every week in a range of difficulties.

Whether you are a teenager needing time out from holiday work, or a littlie getting to grips with using a touch screen... get to grips with some of our gorgeous images from around the country.

One might even inspire your next holiday (whenever that may be).


Get creative on Minecraft

Minecraft is the best selling video game of all time, a sort of Lego for the digital age.
You can create your own adventures, build towns and farms and play any way you chose. You can even play together as long as you're on the same network.

Why not try and build a church or chapel?
You could work from one of the many photos on our website, or try and copy your local church. Don't forget the churchyard!

There are a few online tutorials to help.
We love how detailed this one is. BlueNerd has obviously looked at a lot of churches!

Find Minecraft here

Brick by brick

We love Lego!

It's one of the greatest inventions ever to help you understand how buildings are made. But, it also let's your mind run riot with colours and shapes!

Most of you have some Lego at home so why not have a go at building a church.

: decide if your church is going to have a tower or a spire
: use see through blocks for stained glass windows
: remember to put graves, flowers and trees in the churchyard
: add some people visiting the church
: send us a picture of your Lego church!

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