Especially for little ones

Here's the church

Use your fingers to make a church with a steeple and people inside.

You might recognise our page name from the beloved children's nursery rhyme. Children have enjoyed making the finger church for centuries. Have a go for the first time, or step back to your younger childhood and recreate the finger church.

Here are some instructions, if you need them

Lockdown landmarks

Churches make brilliant landmarks to look out for when on a walk, bike ride or even in the car. If you are in the countryside, you might even be able to see a tower or spire from many miles away.

Why not use them as markers whilst out and about.
You could count how many you see, look at the differences between them or over time or use them to start counting (windows) or identifying colours (plants, stained glass).
You could even make a map!


Play i spy

I spy is a great game to play at home or out and about.

Why not sit in a churchyard and encourage your littlies to discover the world around them, and learn new words, using this simple game.

How to play i spy, from BBC tiny happy people

Go on a bug hunt

Spend time in a leafy churchyard.

The warmer weather, and a little rain, will bring lots of bugs and creepy crawlies out. So get out in the fresh air and take a closer look. You'll soon notice that churchyards are teeming with wildlife!

Can you find:
: a worm after a spring shower
: a bumblebee looking for nectar
: a spotty ladybird
: a snail exploring a dark damp spot
: a butterfly in the sunshine

More nature activities, from the Woodland Trust

Mini mindfulness

Churches and churchyards are great places to practice mindfulness and bring peaceful with your little ones.

Fostering mindfulness in preschoolers with tools like pictures, objects, food, simple movements, and music, can help them develop an ability to better focus their attention and stay present. Mindfulness is paying attention, noticing what’s happening outside of you, as well as your thoughts and feelings, and letting it all be as it is. .

A calm, peaceful environment can help.

Ten mindfulness exercises for kids, from the BBC

Smell the flowers

Old churchyards often have fantastic, flowery and species rich grasslands as they have been so little disturbed over the centuries. In towns they can be the only green ‘breathing’ space.

Churchyards are important as habitats and are often home to rare plant life.

In your local churchyard you will find everything from wildflowers hiding in the grasses to cultivated and cut flowers left as tributes on gravestones.

Why not see how many different kinds you can find, how many colours or what they smell like. Be careful not to pick them or move them from graves.

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