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Draw a picture

Drawing or painting a picture is a great way to get your creative juices flowing.

You might think that being able to sketch well is a talent that you are born with or without, but anyone can pick it up with a bit of practise.

It might be dramatic black and white, or really bright and colourful. It could be an exact copy of the building, or something more free. You could experiment with different pencils, pens and paints. Also techniques and styles to give character to your subject and evoke different emotions from the people who see it.

Pick up a nice big pad and a pack of pencils, and head off to your local church. Or, if you have a tablet, you might prefer to download a sketching app. Why not try creating a few different drawings and paintings of art of the same church or view?

See descriptions of different painting styles, from BBC bitesize

Write a story

Being able to tell a story is wonderful!

Why not take a wander around your local churchyard and seek out some of the hidden stories. Who are all the people buried there? What were their names, their jobs or where did they come from. What do you think their lives were like? Who did they meet, what adventures did they have?

Even something as simple as finding an interesting name can be the simple springboard you need to start writing.

Tips and tricks for a spectacular short story, from 500 Words

Take a photograph

Taking photos with your phone or camera is a fun way to look at a church differently.
Try and take some of the details or from different angles. Maybe lie down on the grass or getting close to any carvings at ground level.

We have created some short films to help you take better photos with your phone or camera. We hope they help!

Watch our films to help you take better photos

Brick by brick

We love Lego!

It's one of the greatest inventions ever to help you understand how buildings are made. But, it also let's your mind run riot with colours and shapes!

Most of you have some Lego at home so why not have a go at building a church.

: decide if your church is going to have a tower or a spire
: use see through blocks for stained glass windows
: remember to put graves, flowers and trees in the churchyard
: add some people visiting the church
: send us a picture of your Lego church!

Fold a church

Find a square piece of paper, even newspaper will work, and fold yourself a church that looks incredibly similar to our little yellow logo!

These instructions and clear and simple, and you can pause the video as you go along to complete each step.

: try different papers
: try paper with a different front and back
: make a few, and set up a whole village of churches!


Catch the sun

Beautiful, bright stained glass is something we are all drawn to.

The rainbow of colours and shapes are like puzzles of light. In churches, stained glass windows tell stories from the bible or local history. They feature people, saints and animals as well as patterns.

PlayIdeas have 25 beautiful stained glass crafts for kids, using things around your home like crayons, pasta and plastic beads. Why not create your own masterpiece, take a photo with the sun streaming through it and send us a photo!

Stained glass crafts, from PlayIdeas

We would love to see your creations!

Share them on social media with us using #explorechurcheskids or email us.
We will add them all to a gallery here.

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