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Inspire me

Whatever your passion; art, wildlife, sculpture, family history, architecture, walking, rock climbing, searching out the most perfect cream tea or even just finding somewhere quiet to sit and read a book. These are all things you can do in church buildings around the UK. Here you will find themes to inspire and trails to follow.

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Nicholas Hawksmoor

Nicholas Hawksmoor (probably 1661 to 25 March 1736) was an English architect and a leading figure of the English Baroque style. He was responsible for six new churches in London, each different, each unique. They are his best known independent works of architecture, are unusual and well worth visiting!

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King Arthur

Where does the legend come from? The adventures of the legendary King Arthur, with his Round Table Fellowship of Knights based in the mythical city of Camelot, were told and retold between the 11th and 15th centuries in hundreds of manuscripts in at least a dozen languages. They are still told to this day. Why has Arthur remained so important to us and why are there so many places associated with him?

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100 years

In the 20th century concrete and steel gave a new freedom to construction. Dynamic churches in dramatic shapes of all sizes were built, thanks to ambitious engineering and brilliant colour from new forms of stained glass, murals and sculpture.

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Nursery rhymes

From lullabies to drinking songs and proverbs to plague, rhyming ditties for children take many forms. From a variety of sources, including traditional riddles, proverbs, ballads, lines of Mummers plays, drinking songs and historical events. If you dig a little deeper they might also reference plague, medieval taxes, religious persecution, prostitution!

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Head out on a crisp day to explore frosty landscapes and enjoy beautiful displays. Lots of churchyards have swathes of snowdrops, but some also welcome intrepid spring seekers with open days, tours, hot cups of steaming tea and coffee and yummy cake. Ordered by county so you can find which is closest to you!

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Spread the love and spoil your beloved. We’ve got fascinating, unique and beautiful places to share. St Valentine, St Dwynwen and St Raphael all link love and lovely churches. Our churches host weddings, with all the traditions and rites we adore. And there are the romantic poets, buried beneath their floors and grassy churchyards. There are so many reasons to #lovechurches but what are yours?

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Blue Monday

Let's fill our Blue Monday with beauty and explore some of the gorgeousness that this deep, sultry, and serene colour has to offer.

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Oldest churches

The building of churches, whether for monasteries or public use, was an early sign of the growing influence of Christianity. What is astounding is how many elements of these earliest buildings survive today. This list includes churches where ancient fabric dates from pre AD800, and all are still being used.

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Twelve days

The Twelve Days of Christmas was first published as a rhyme in 1780, with the tune coming from an arrangement of a traditional folk song in 1909. All together now! On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...

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Doubly thankful churches

Just 13 villages endured the two world wars without a single life lost in combat. They don't have traditional war memorials but most have erected a plaque, stained glass or roll of honour to remember those from the village who fought, and as an expression of gratitude for their incredible luck in surviving both wars with no casualties.

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