Festivals of flowers 2020

Enjoy the beauty of flowers?

Then why not take time out this summer and visit one of the many spectacular Flower Festivals taking place up and down the country. Delightful displays and floral fragrances in abundance.  

As Britain starts to bloom, churches across the land are preparing to create such stunning masterpieces with flora, leaves and a host of decorations that turn these delicate flowers into works of art. The traditional Flower Festival has changed considerably over the years, growing from simple arrangements with complimentary cake stall to grand gestures of mastery in the art of floral arrangements decorating the complete church.

The Flower Festival is a joy to behold, whether being held in a cathedral of gargantuan proportions or in a simple chapel tucked away in a rural hamlet.  We invite you to take time out from the bustle of everyday life, and explore a few churches this spring and summer, we are sure you will not be disappointed. 

We will include all Flower Festivals taking place in churches around the UK in 2020. 

So, if you know of a flower festival that we have not included on this page please let us know either by email or message us on Facebook and Twitter:

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Festivals of flowers 2020

Chichester Cathedral

28 May to 30 May
'Realms of Glory' - Over 80 stunning arrangements produced using in excess of 50,000 flowers to interpret the chosen theme.

Blackburn Cathedral

18 to 21 June
'Heaven & Earth' - the stunning light and open architecture showcases imaginative floral displays designed by the internationally renowned, Craig Bullock & Bill Dixon.

Lincoln Cathedral

29 July to 3 August
'Vision 2020' - Celebrating St Hugh of Lincoln and other visionaries whose ideas and actions have shaped the world and changed our lives.

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