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St Nicholas

St Nicholas

When the church is locked the key may be obtained from local key holders, details on the notice board outside or prior arrangements may be made by contacting the parish office.

Addlethorpe, Lincolnshire | PE24 4TA

Beautiful 15th century 'Cathedral of the Marsh', a magnificent example of medieval craftsmanship.

St Wilfrid

St Wilfrid

Open daily from dawn to late afternoon.

Alford, Lincolnshire | LN13 9EQ

Marvellous 14th century church, renovated by Sir George Gilbert Scott and birthplace of Anne Hutchinson, first female preacher in American history.

St Peter & St Paul

St Peter & St Paul

Normally from 10am to dusk Tuesday to Sunday. While works are being undertaken, visits are by appointment only. Call 07796010319 for information and an appointment.

Algarkirk, Lincolnshire | PE20 2HH

An almost perfect specimen of village church architecture in its exterior, and in its interior possibly unsurpassed by anything of its kind in England (Illustrated London News, 1870).

St John the Baptist

The keyholder lives opposite the church and, if he is home, is always willing to show visitors round the church.

Alkborough, Lincolnshire | DN15 9JF

A small monastic establishment is believed to have existed at Alkborough just prior to the Norman Conquest and the church tower is thought to be of Anglo Saxon origin dating back to 1052.


St Adelwold

St Adelwold

Please contact us to arrange a visit or for details of open days.

Alvingham, Lincolnshire | LN11 0QD

St Adelwold’s is unusual as there are two churches situated within one churchyard.

St Mark

St Mark

Every Sunday all day.

Amcotts, Lincolnshire | DN17 4AL

Built in 1853 is currently housing three exhibitions; the Inclesmoor Embroidery Map, the forgotten village of Amcotts at Flixborough and the award winning Amcotts Butterfly Garden.

St Martin

St Martin

Usually 10am to 4pm but earlier in the winter. The church welcomes visitors by being open most days.

Ancaster, Lincolnshire | NG32 3PW

See our Norman arches!

St Andrew

St Andrew

Open daily from 9am to 4pm.

Anderby, Lincolnshire | PE24 5YF

Dating from 1759 and standing on a small elevation in the village.

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