St Mary the Virgin

Built of local ironstone, St Mary's dates almost entirely from the 14th century, with the nave and chancel from the beginning of the century and the tower and spire from about 50 years later.

Hanes yr eglwys hon

The result is a very pleasing and harmonious whole.

Externally, one of the most impressive features is the large east window, its elegant five lights crowned by an ogee head.

Internally, there is a most unusual architectural feature, a strainer arch inserted in the late 14th or early 15th century to prevent the church collapsing. Its function may be purely structural, but is was made in such a delicate, lattice like way that it looks decorative.

There are other surprises: there are at least five Green Man carvings in the church. As always, their meaning is enigmatic, and their feeling unsettling. They are often thought of as pagan figures, but many experts think they depict the fate of those who only had material lives, and are entirely Christian symbols.

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Sant Jerome

Rhwng 1655 a 1659, roedd y diwinydd a’r Piwritan arloesol, y Parchedig Walter Cradock, yn Rheithor yr eglwys hon, y pregethwr a draddododd y bregeth yn y Senedd i ddathlu cwymp pencadlys Siarl I yn Rhydychen yn 1646.

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