St Margaret

Medieval church in the heart of the Lincolnshire countryside, our church stands in isolation from the village and has stood here for over 700 years.

Hanes yr eglwys hon

The ancient registers show us how good and evil times came and went. In the reign of Elizabeth I, a young Vicar came to take charge of Quadring church. The marshy fenland must have been too trying for his health for, within two years he lost his wife, two children and then died himself.

As you enter the church on the left there is an ancient 'hood', this was used at funerals in the churchyard on wet days to shelter the Vicar at the graveside. On the right hand side in the south transept there is a chapel dedicated to St John, above this is a modern stained glass resurrection window, dedicated to Mary Randall, a resident of this village. Back towards the door, on your left stands a chest, used for storing the Parish Registers etc. It had three locks on it, to be opened by the Vicar and the two churchwardens, it could not be opened by one person. In 1836 this and other things were stolen from the church, the chest was later found with the lid broken, in a neighbouring ditch. Five guineas reward had been offered for it's return.

Above the font are crevices in the wall indicating a singing gallery once existed in the church, this housed the choir together in the days before the organ was installed. At one time a roodstair and loft arched the west end of the chancel, all that remains is the turret. The organ was donated to the church by the Robinson family. There is also a Lady Chapel, complete with Aumbry and Piscina.

Above the altar the windows show Quadring church, Lincoln Cathedral, also Stonehaven, home of the Robinson family, who gave the window along with three windows on the right which depict the life of Christ.

Returning to the rear of the church you will pass the ancient bier, no longer used at funerals. The bier was used to carry the body of the deceased or the coffin containing it.

Prif nodweddion

  • Pensaernïaeth ysblennydd
  • Gwydr lliw gwefreiddiol
  • Awyrgylch swynol
  • Mynwent gyfareddol
  • Hafan bywyd gwyllt

Gwybodaeth ar gyfer ymwelwyr

  • Mynediad gwastad drwyddo draw
  • Mynediad gwastad i'r prif fannau
  • Parcio ar y stryd wrth yr eglwys
  • Caniateir cŵn
  • Croeso i gerddwyr a beicwyr

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