St Peter

Great Walshingham is much smaller than its neighbour Little Walshingham, which gets all the attention because of the shrine and other buildings associated with Our Lady of Walshingham.

About this church

St Peter's is a fine 14th century building with a 15th century porch. It has no chancel, giving it a somewhat curtailed appearance, but this does not detract from the beauty of the windows, among the best of their kind.

The church's special treasure is its 40 15th century benches. These still stand on their original wooden sills, a most unusual survival. The carving on many of the benches is exceptional, especially, perhaps, those with latticework backs. Some have linenfold panelled backs, a further refinement of medieval seating. There are carvings of saints on some of the benches, and others have animals and imagined creatures on them.

Key Features

  • Captivating architecture
  • Magnificent memorials
  • Glorious furnishings

Visitors information

  • Level access to the main areas
  • On street parking at church
  • Parking within 250m
  • Accessible toilets nearby
  • Dog friendly
  • Walkers & cyclists welcome
  • Space to secure your bike

Other nearby churches

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Although Great Snoring is actually smaller than Little Snoring, its church is bigger and less rustic, reminding us quietly that it was once grander.

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