St Lawrence

Cosy and intimate, St Lawrence was built around 1140 by monks of Louth Park in Lincolnshire.

About this church

The 'high' Anglo Catholic worship tradition of St Lawrence is rarely found in village churches these days. 

The churchyard has very good rural views and is a favoured place for ramblers to rest and have a flask and a sandwich.

The church has links to the Barley family who lived at Barley Hall (now demolished) until the end of the 16th century. The son, Robert, was the first husband of Bess of Hardwick, but  he died at the age of 15. 

Barlow is one of the Derbyshire villages with the longest history of the tradition of well dressing, which takes place after the 10th August (festival of St Lawrence) each year. During wells week, there is a highly regarded flower festival in church with refreshments and cream teas being served throughout the week.

Key Features

  • Captivating architecture
  • Spectacular stained glass
  • Enchanting atmosphere
  • Fascinating churchyard
  • Wildlife haven
  • Social heritage stories

Visitors information

  • Level access to the main areas
  • On street parking at church
  • Parking within 250m
  • Accessible toilets nearby
  • Dog friendly
  • Walkers & cyclists welcome
  • Space to secure your bike

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