Peterborough Cathedral

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About this church

More information about this church coming soon.

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St Kyneburgha

In Roman times Castor was part of a large complex centred around Durobrivae, a little to the southwest at Water Newton, Castor Ware is a well known Roman product.


St Mary Magdalene

Stilton has always been an important place geographically, situated at the side of a major Roman road, Ermine Street, and the area around Stilton and Folksworth was also the site of a major Prisoner of War Camp from Napoleonic times.


Crowland Abbey

A giant splinter of masonry clings to the side of the church here. Apart from the north aisle, which has been the parish church since the 15th century, it is all that remains of the great abbey church and its buildings that once stood on this site.

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