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We are developing a new area of our website, which will bring you special experiences in sacred places across England, that you or your clients can’t find anywhere else. Experiences that everyone can enjoy, from a group of travellers, to a family exploring England. Young or old we have something for everyone.

Once development is complete, in early 2019, you will be able to search by theme, activity, geography and group size. Then you can login to save favourites and wish lists to share with clients and click through to our booking pages to access special prices only available to tour operators.

As the site is developed, here is a glimpse into the experiences and themes we will offer. Please contact us if you need something to complete your itinerary before our new pages are available, as we will be happy to share our ideas and experiences that are already available to be booked with you, whilst we are waiting for the tech!

Out of the ordinary?

We have split our experiences into categories including history, architecture, movies and television, literary and religious heritage. The experiences include hands on activities, out of the ordinary tours and pilgrimages.

Did you know that York has the most medieval stained glass windows in the country? Our experience will provide you with a private tour of the stained glass windows in York Minster by the in house glaziers, a tutorial on how stained glass windows are made and an opportunity for your group to have a go.

How about following the work of the great architect and journalist who brought back Gothic architecture in the 19th century? Pugin designed the Houses of Parliament, along with buildings across England including the amazing towers at family theme park Alton Towers in Staffordshire and Alton Castle in the opposite valley. Whilst there why not travel through the Cheadle valley and visit St Giles, a Catholic Church thought to be his most iconic design. Then drive to Shrewsbury for a guided tour of the Catholic Cathedral followed by afternoon tea in the Cathedral and Mass.

England is famous for its writers and poets. Where better to experience them than to visit Wordsworth country in Cumbria, enjoy a poetry recital at the church where Wordsworth is buried, visit Rydal Centre where Wordsworth lived then walk up nearby hill of Fairfield for an outdoor service on the crags.

For those seeking a challenge, try a Cornish Celtic pilgrimage from St German’s to St Michael’s Mount. Reverend Nigel Marns will guide you along a part of the tour and take you to three churches. For more adventurous groups, he can lead a 4 to 5 night pilgrimage, staying in the churches themselves and discovering Celtic crosses, standing stones, holy wells and more. Both end at St Michael’s Mount for a private welcome and entry into the chapel for a Cornish cream tea.

Something to wow your clients?

We have a great deal to offer.

For more information, particularly whilst we are building the new experiences section of our website, please contact Emma Clarke by email: emma.clarke@nationalchurchestrust.org

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